What's covered by my homeowners policy? How much liability insurance do I need? What's the best way to take an inventory of my home?

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  • Safely Deck the Halls

    The winter holidays are a festive time, but the combination of winter weather, parties, and flammable decorations can create dangerous situations. Consider these tips for a safer holiday season.

  • Slip-Sliding on the Road: Tips for Winter Driving

    About 21% of U.S. auto accidents are weather related, most often caused by rain, snow, sleet, and ice. Taking these precautions and carrying appropriate insurance coverage could help make this winter a safer, more secure driving season.


  • Prepare Your Home to Withstand Wintry Weather

    Record losses suffered in 2021 showed that brutal weather can blow into almost any part of the country. Taking these steps to winterize your home could help protect your home and family.

  • Travel Is Back, but Does It Still Make Sense to Buy Insurance?

    The trip of a lifetime may cost many thousands of dollars, and vacationers have recently been reminded that many circumstances that can spoil their travel plans are entirely out of their control. Travel insurance offers financial protection when unforeseen problems arise.


  • Burning Land: Protect Your Home from Wildfires

    During the first nine months of 2022, more than 53,000 wildfires torched nearly 6.9 million acres across the United States, the most wildfires year-to-date in over a decade. Here are some steps to help protect your home and family.

  • Deer in the Headlights: Avoiding Animal Collisions

    In many regions of the country, deer migration and mating season occurs from October through December, so drivers should be especially careful during these months. Consider these tips for avoiding animal collisions, and make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage.






  • Parents Hold the Keys to Training Safe Teen Drivers

    A driver’s license can create an exciting sense of freedom for a teenager, but not without plenty of risk. Here's what parents should know about the rules, safety concerns, and insurance issues that apply to teen drivers.


  • Car Thefts on the Rise

    After trending downward for almost three decades, the number of motor vehicle thefts — including valuable parts — has been rising since 2019. Consider these tips to help protect your car from thieves.



  • Insuring Precious Property

    Homeowners or renters insurance might not provide enough protection to replace a fine piece of jewelry or other expensive item that is lost or stolen. You may be able to increase the limits for certain categories of valuable goods or add a “floater” to your policy.